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1 Click to Fix iPhone 6/6 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode


A few hours ago, I tried updating my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.1. It ran into an error and couldn’t update, which left my iPhone stuck in recovery mode with a screen showing a USB cord pointing to an iTunes symbol. I tried to search for ways to get my iPhone 6 out of recovery mode without restoring it to its factory settings but failed to. Now I have no clued what to do. May I have some help? – Steven

iPhone 6 stuck in recovery mode and won’t restore?

It turns out that your iPhone goes into Recovery Mode when you are doing a standard iOS upgrade or restore anyway. Getting stuck in Recovery Mode is a tricky issue that you may run into when you update, restore or jailbreak your iPhone. Later you can do nothing on your iPhone. How could you do? What’s more, you want to exit iPhone 6/6 Plus Recovery Mode without data loss or restoring as Steven’s request.
Naturally, the first idea comes to your mind is to get it out by iTunes. Whereas, it may cause your data loss as and that’s why Steven gave it up. Here we highly recommend Tenorshare Free ReiBoot for you. With it, you can easily solve iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, DFU Mode, red iTunes logo, Apple logo etc. with one single click, Do it following the below instruction.

How to Fix iPhone 6/6 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode with 1 Click?

Tenorshare Free ReiBoot can keep your iOS devices data safely enter into Recovery Mode and then got out of Recovery Mode without any data loss even when your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad encountered reboot failure. Before you fix this problem, make sure you have downloaded and installed the program. Then do as follows.

Step1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and double-click the downloaded ReiBoot to run the program. Then Reiboot will recognize automatically your device in Recovery Mode.

Step2. Click the button “Exit Recovery Mode” and the device will boot up. After finish rebooting process, your iPhone is actually already out of Recovery Mode.

Fix iPhone 6

Done! After the reboot, your iPhone will be back to be normal as usual. It’s the easiest way for you to “fix your iPhone 6/6 Plus stuck in recovery mode” problem without losing any data. For Mac users, you also can do it alike but don’t forget to download Mac version.

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