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3 Best Android Apps to Find a Lost or Stolen Phone


Searching for the best android apps to find a lost or stolen phone? Then you’re in right place! As everyone knows about Android platform and other stuff about it, I think we don’t need any intro about it! And Android apps are available to solve all major problems. You can find apps and download them from Google Play Store. There you can find millions of apps so that you can’t find the best apps for your needs. Anyway, TechiWorm will be providing such info on best android apps to find a lost or stolen phone, Top Lists of Android Apps and more stuff about apk apps.

So now in this post, we’re going to discuss Anti-Theft Apps that help you to track your stolen Android Mobiles. As I’ve mentioned in the post title, here I’ve some 5 Hand Picked & best android apps to find a lost or stolen phone. Most of the user is searching for this one! And now its time to share this awesome list with you guys. By using these apps you can try to get back your lost mobiles soon. If not you can at-least delete your private information which you’ve stored on your stolen/lost mobile.  In short, there are many chances to secure your stored data and your mobile as possible! Wanna to try? Lost your Mobile?

Here is the way to find your stolen mobile in short time using Android Apps. Let’s check out the list,

3 Best Android Apps to Find a Lost or Stolen Phone

Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus Anti-theft is an awesome application for this issue. This app got all the features needed for locating and tracking the lost mobile such as Remote Messages, Remote Alarm Trigger, and Remote Lock. The best thing about Cerberus will be it’s Remotely Wipe SD Card with a SIM Change alert. These specs made us rank it top on our list. And this app will be used only after getting a lifetime license by paying some bucks of 2.99€. If you wish to give a try to it, then you can get a trial version for first one week! And it will also work without even if your mobile doesn’t have active internet connectivity.

You can locate and track your mobile remotely via the online website of Cerberus App. Then you can send a text message to your lost mobile to secure it. And you can find more features and it will be a great app for all!

Cost: Free for one week, Paid Version.

Download Cerberus App

Where’s My Droid

As like the above one, Where’s my Droid is a pretty simple app with fully loaded features to track and alert your missed phone. If you’re the owner of the lost mobile then you can make it ring the lost mobile with the highest volume and make your device to ring your mobile continuously. And the best part of this mobile will be its GPS function. By linking your mobile to Google Maps it will locate your mobile and if you’re enough close near to your mobile then it will alert you. Here you can send remote text messages with your own desired hello. And this app is available in both free and paid version.

In the pro version, users are allowed to send the picture of the thief using the front camera. And you got remote lock feature to lock your mobile and secure all your data stored on your mobile. Just give a try to this app!

Cost: Both Free & Pro version available.

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Download Where’s My Droid

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Lookout Security and Antivirus is another best anti-theft app for Android devices. I’ve lined up this app here due to it have dual function both antivirus and locator. There are many chances to locate your stolen mobiles with the help of Google Maps and with this app. The only thing you need to do before is to link your Google account to your lost mobile. If you have done before then it makes easy sense to track your mobile soon by making it ring and scream by sending a last known location. And if anyone tries to unlock your mobile then you will receive the picture and location to your mail id as quick. And it also has automated backup and restores function. It available for free and paid version too!

Cost: Free & Paid Version

Download Lookout App from Play Store

What do you guys say about these Best Android Apps to Find a Lost or Stolen Phone? Really interesting and useful? Then share your thoughts in comments below! And more apps will be added up in this list. So stay tuned here! Cheers 🙂

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