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4 Factors to Consider When You Download Free Antivirus App


4 Factors to Consider When You Download Free Antivirus App

Mobile malware is a malicious program developed to attack mobile devices with a wide range of goals. Similar to desktops, mobile devices are also under threat from millions of viruses, Trojans, and different types of malware. People store both personal and work data on their phones. In the absence of an antivirus software, your phone is always open to attacks. Make sure you Download Free Antivirus App and protect your device at all times.

But how to choose the right antivirus program for your smartphone or tablet? Here are 4 factors you should look for.

1. It Should Have Malware Detection Functions

Make sure that the software you choose has malware detection functions. This is important because many antivirus programs are designed only to detect certain types of malware known as viruses. They are not effective in detecting other types of malware like Trojans, Worms, and others.

Your phone is going to be under threat from all types of malware. So you shouldn’t just choose an antivirus program that is limited to just a few types of malware programs.

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2. Provides Network/Web monitoring

The next factor you should consider is that the mobile antivirus program has network and web monitoring feature. In fact, there is no point in having a software that doesn’t have this feature. You are always at risk of threats from the web. So an antivirus program with this feature will ensure that you can browse the web in a safe way.

If you are going to connect to a Wi-Fi network with potential risks, the antimalware program will prevent you from connecting. Thus, a good software will also prevent you from connecting to networks which have already been infected.

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3. Anti-theft Systems

There are antivirus programs that also feature anti-theft systems. This can help in preventing a theft or helping you get it back in case someone steals your phone. Such a system can help you locate and keep track of your phone if you misplace it.

Such a system can also help you recover your phone. In case that the phone cannot be recovered, such an antivirus program can allow you to have control over the device. You can wipe out all its content and even lock it down, remotely. This can prevent the thief from getting access to your phone’s data. Thus, they will not be able to access your bank account, social media accounts, email accounts, view your photos, or other files.

4. Check the Alert Notification System

Besides these basic functions, you may also want to consider how the antivirus program alerts you for each and every thing. There are software programs that can continue alerting you even for trivial things. On the other hand, there are antivirus programs that can be so silent that you may never know they are working. You would want to choose an app that alerts you for all serious threats, but doesn’t prove to be intrusive for unimportant threats. AVG Antivirus is an excellent program that has been proven for its years of service. It alerts you just for the threats and other functions that require your attention.

You would also want to avoid mobile antivirus apps that up-sell you to get the premium account. It is worth knowing that all the reputed mobile security app developers offer free versions with almost all the essential features and functions. You should be able to use them to provide excellent protection to your devices before deciding whether an upgrade is required or not. So make sure to consider all these 4 points when choosing the best antivirus program for your mobile device

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