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6 Best Lollipop Launchers for Your Android Device


Android is a great OS platform for all mobile users! And the latest version was released a few years back known as Android 5.0 Lollipop. This version brings excellent user interface and done tons of improvements to experience your device so great as smooth and fast. By the way, many devices received this latest updates and still more devices are being updated officially or manually. But now in this post, we’re not going to discuss it.  Rather than that, we’re going to discuss some best Android Lollipop Launchers to make your Android device Charming always!!

Google has updated this new version of “Lollipop” with more customization options. The whole material pops up with a quality design with new icons and with cool animations effects. The notification show-up and the lock screen shows the look of Android 5.0 got excellent customization works. These things impressed many users to get Android Lollipop version on their mobiles. But the case is, still now Android 5.0 Lollipop has not received the updates. As per some spread rumors, it will be soon but the date is not yet confirmed 🙁 So if you’re looking to use the same customization screen, icons, animation effects and more then you can go with Lollipop Launchers (Y)
Best Android Launchers for 2018

Best Lollipop Launchers

Surely these Lollipop Launchers can make your devices look alike as a device powered with Android 5.0 Lollipop Operating System 😉 Wanna to check them all? Then I think, I’m wasting my time by blubbering something 🙁 So let’s get started (Y)

Here below I’ve listed them with some short descriptions and direct download links from Google Play Store. So please do check them all and share your thoughts in comments below!

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#1 KK Launcher

KK Launcher
KK Launcher

KK Launcher is a well known Android launcher. This launcher is best for its customization and effects. KK Launcher powered with tons of icons and themes and it have many extra features. The features includes Private folder, Sidebar, App lock, Double Tap features, More folder options and more. So the best part is, this app got Lollipop design too. So that you can use the same Lollipop them in your mobile without upgrading to Android 5.0 version. I’ve tried this app, and its the best one I ever experienced before. That’s why I listed this #1 in my list 😀

Download KK Launcher from Play Store

#2 Bling Lollipop Launcher

Bling Lollipop Launcher
Bling Lollipop Launcher

As like the above one, Blinq Lollipop Launcher also got many Lollipop material UI that lets your device look like Lollipop. This app can be installed in any Android version and you can make it show Android 5.0 version without receiving any updates from Google. The only thing we are shifting to Lollipop design is due to its user interface. But rather than that, this app allows the users to create their own gestures, more customization, amazing transition effects, and more. Blinq is more popular for its gesture feature got in it! I recommend everyone to give a try for Blinq Lollipop Launcher!!

Download Blinq Lollipop Launcher from Play Store.

#3 L Launcher – Lollipop Launcher

L Launcher – Lollipop Launcher

By checking the name itself most of us may get some idea about this launcher! Android 5.0 version got another name as Android L. So the developers have named this launcher as L launcher which is nothing but, with L Launcher you can make your older Android version device into a Lollipop upgraded one without installing it. This lollipop launcher brings you more exciting features and with some latest effects. The best part here will its, Ad-free feature. This app can be installed on supported devices Android 4.0+ smartphones. Another thing, L Lollipop Launcher is totally free of cost to use.

Download L Launcher – Lollipop Launcher from Play Store:4

#4 Lollipop Launchers

Lollipop Launchers
Lollipop Launchers


The above launcher got the same name with slight variations. Likewise, Lollipop Launcher is well-known launcher to convert your Ice-cream Sandwich or JellyBean device into an Android 5.0 Lollipop device. Similar to other launchers, this one got good UI with smooth performance. You can feel the same experience with this app which you feel it in Android L. The best features will be its Infinite scrolling and Hand gestures. It free of cost! All you need is just Head down to Play Store and download it on your device and enjoy 😀

Download Lollipop Launcher from Google Play Store.

#5 Action Launcher 3

This will be the best choice if you’re looking for quality Lollipop material UI and for some own designs. As with other launchers mentioned above, this one also allows users device to look like a lollipop updated device. The best feature is its Quicktime. This lets the users combine the color of their wallpapers and to their layouts with excellent bending. But in some case, this can slow down your system 🙁 But the best choice will be this, though it got many combination features and its free :3

Download Action Launcher 3 from Play Store.


There are still some Launchers available for Android 5.0 Lollipop. But among that one of these above-described launchers are best according to the number of users downloaded and to their reviews all around the World. So make sure you give a try to all those one said above. If you wish you can go for other Best Launcher Apps for Android too! This is also a best one but got some drawback than others. So give a try to that too!

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Hope this article given you more info about best Lollipop Launchers for Android. If anyone feels, that I’ve missed any best lollipop launchers above then share it with us in comments below! Stay tuned at TechiWorm for the more interesting techy info! See you soon 😀 Take care 🙂

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