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6 magic gadgets from Apple, which we will never see


9 magic gadgets from AppleIt’s no secret that in the development of most modern devices Apple is participating chief design director – Jonathan Ive. He really made a huge contribution to the history of the company and put his hand on most major projects.

Recently, Aiva is scolded for the lack of new ideas in design. The company’s products are becoming ever more faceless.

Let’s imagine what computers, smartphones, and accessories could be released by Apple without Aiv.

For example, take the most unusual and interesting concepts of the publication Curved labs. German designers are famous for their ability to withstand the corporate style of the company and at the same time to show an unusual and amazing device.

1. Macintosh Air

Macintosh AirApple’s cult computer for more than 30 years of history has changed a lot and changed. Now desktop monoblocks are not at all similar to Macintosh computers of the first versions. The huge 21.5- and 27-inch panels look stylish, but have lost the former spirit of the line.

Designers offered their vision of a budget computer for home or office use, which in appearance resembles the outlines of the first Mac models.

The light and thin panel perfectly matches the Apple keyboard and mouse. A long forgotten aspect ratio of the display, the company logo in the lower left corner and the cracker for the crater, imitating the old school drive will not leave anyone indifferent to the classic Macintosh computers.

2. Unusual Mac mini






A hybrid concept combines several interesting ideas. On the one hand, this is an advanced dock for the iPad Pro, and on the other – a full-fledged miniature computer, for which the tablet is only a display.

All this is packed in a retro case straight from the 80s of the last century and comes with stylized accessories.

Inside the miniature unit can be placed quite a powerful filling like the one that is in the modern Mac Mini, all this without wires can display the image on the iPad dock. Of course, while the user can work with iOS from the tablet itself, and with the macOS from the docking station.

3. Modular Mac Pro

A year ago, many Apple fans were hoping for the upcoming appearance of the updated Mac Pro. A professional computer with a good filling has long been asking for an upgrade to a serious redesign.

Users and developers of the concept would like to receive a modular computer with ample opportunities for upgrading.

Best for this is a compact candy bar with an unusual design. It looks like the one installed on the end of Mac mini, but inside there is a special disclosure system, which provides access to the device stuffing.

According to the idea of the authors of the concept, the user could change the video card, drive and memory slots, and what else do you need from a modern computer for professionals?

4. Apple Keyboard with Touch Bar

After the presentation of the new generation of MacBook Pro with a questionable touchpad in 2016, many analysts started talking about the possible output of a similar accessory for desktop Macs.

Touch Bar for iMac or Mac Pro should have appeared with the new Apple keyboard.

The designers of the concepts did not stand aside and showed a plausible model. Even then, the authors believed that soon Apple would start releasing black accessories for computers.

5. iPhone in the style of BlackBerry

iPhone in the style of BlackBerry

The former glory of the Canadian manufacturer of mobile-free smartphones does not give rest to designers and enthusiasts. Some of them are so bored by devices with a physical QWERTY keyboard that they came up with an unusual concept for the classic iPhone for business people.

The authors of the model not only built in the mechanism of the slider with sliding buttons for a set of messages and letters but also thought about the associated software chips iOS. Just look how beautiful is the effect of disabling the virtual keyboard at the time of the physical disclosure.

Of course, such an iPhone would find admirers among the former BlackBerry fans.

6. iPhone – a clamshell

Another concept that was created under the influence of nostalgic memories. This time the authors of the idea remembered the middle of the 2000s and the form factor that was popular at that time.

Many users of modern “shovels” in those years went with a cot and would like to try a smartphone in such a performance.

Developers of the concept did not begin to waste time on trifles and added three devices at once to the device. One displays the information on the closed lid, the second one is the main one and is visible on the disclosure, and the third one is located in place of the keyboard and is completely dedicated to data entry.

Here are such bold and slightly crazy products we’ll never see in the Apple lineup.

And what did you like the most about the concept?

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