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8 Best Widgets Apps for Android 2018 – Must Check!


Are you one of those people who is looking for some of the top and best widget apps for android devices such as Android smartphones and tablets? If yes, then you landed at right place. Because today in this article we are going to talk about some of the best widget apps for android devices to start using in 2018 which are going to be shared in this guide below.

One of the best selling points of Android and one of the best advantages of Android over its competitors is the high level of customization options provided by Android. And one of the best customization features of Android is the ability to add widgets to your Smartphone’s home screen. There are a lot of widgets that come preloaded with your android devices like calendar, music player, video player etc. and might even increase depending on the Smartphone OEM you prefer. However, there are a lot of

However, there are a lot of third party custom built widget apps that can increase your productivity. And almost every such widget can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. And if you’re in search of the best widget apps for Android Phones, then today we’re here with a list of top widget apps for Android phones.

Top and Best Widgets Apps for Android 2018 Collection

HD Widgets:

HD Widgets contains a set of widgets that give a stunning look to your Smartphone’s home screen. This set of widgets includes normal toggles such as WIFI, Bluetooth etc., along with a set of other widgets as well. For the $2 you spend in purchasing this application, what you get is a set of professionally designed, awesome looking and functional set of widgets that will decorate the home screen of your Android Smartphone nicely.

Power Toggles:

There are a lot of toggle widgets available in the Google Play Store. Yet no other widget can be as useful as Power Toggles. Power Toggles comes with around 40+ toggling options that can come really handy in your day-to-day Android use.

Battery HD:

Unlike other battery apps out there, Battery HD does not only displays you with the battery percentage left but also provides you with detail information about the total usage of your Android device battery and the time you can spend web browsing, playing videos or making calls with your existing battery backup.

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Evernote Widget:

The Evernote Widgets decorates your Android Smartphone’s home screen and you will be able to get quick and easy access to features of Evernote app. The best thing is that you can utilize this app or take advantage of this application/program on several other platforms as well without facing any kind of issue.

Days Left Widget:

We all have many days we wish to remember, every year. Like the birthdays of our beloved one’s, anniversaries, festivals, auspicious days etc. With the Days Left Widget, you can set up a date and add a small little widget to your Android Smartphone’s home screen that counts the total number of days left until your desired date. By this way, you’ll be always reminded of the date, you never wish to forget!

eBay Widgets for Android

Whether you are a compulsive customer or strategic merchant, a shopper or careful collector, you will find a follower within the eBay Widgets app for Android that could be a separate transfer from the quality eBay mobile app. You get 3 widgets, the tiniest of that displays four icons that open the app, bring you to your My eBay page. The second, medium-size gadget additionally has an icon to quickly open the app, additionally to 3 tabs for your current Reminders, Messages and Saved Searches. the biggest gadget displays a scrollable list of the day’s eBay Deals and shipping fees

Airline Widgets for Android

Today, most of the major airlines provide mobile apps that allow you book flights and consider reservation data, among different things. that is par for the course. American Airlines and United Airlines are 2 of them. The American gadget lists on the market boarding pass for simple access, that could be a nice touch, additionally to a flight search feature and standing info for coming flights you’ve got already reserved.

Yahoo Weather Widget

Yahoo weather is one of the most popular android widgets and that’s why it is best and top of gadget choices. you’ll be able to choose from seven widget configurations and styles, all of that show varying amounts of information supported size and on the market space. All of the widgets even have refresh buttons, therefore, you’ll be able to quickly update the data.

Finally, that was an article on the top widget apps for Android Phones. With over a million apps available in the Google Play Store, these were the few widget apps for Android Phones that we found to be useful and meaningful.

However, if you’re aware of any other productive or user-friendly widget apps for Android Phones in the Google Play Store then do mention them as comments below. Your valuable comments are always appreciated. Also if you’ve already been using any of the above-mentioned widget apps already, do mention your experiences below as well.

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