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Advantages of using Family Locator Apps


There is a hype created for family locator apps. Everybody is trying to get one for themselves.  But why? To help you understand the reason, here we have jotted down 3 major advantages of the app. Give it a read!

Family Locator Apps

1.    Helps families stay informed about each others’ whereabouts

The one big reason that makes the locator apps a must-have for everybody is the wish to stay informed about each others’ whereabouts even on the go. Using the app, parents can see their kids location in the real time. They can also trace their location history for the past few months and get to know of the places they visit most. All the location history is logged for each listed user with the date and time stamps.

2.    Receive Auto Alerts

In addition to providing location details, advanced family locator apps help families receive auto alerts about their family members’ check-in and checkouts. This becomes possible with the Geo-fencing tool that helps parents create a virtual fence around places their kids visit most. Once Geo-fenced, they can receive a push notification about their entry and exit from that place. There are apps that let families do more than that, such as sending PickMeUp alerts and exchanging instant messages.

3.    Get to them in case of Emergency

The third advantage of locator apps is the handy connection that these apps provide in case of emergencies. For instance, the app FamilyTime lets parents receive panic alerts from their kids along with their complete location detail. Whenever kids find themselves in an emergency, they can tap the SOS feature on their app screen to inform you about the danger. With timely information, you can rush to them for their help. If you want to give this app a try, download it from the Google Play and iTunes.

These are the three big advantages of family locator app that have hooked everybody’s attention. The is being downloaded on millions of devices. According to the report of Berg Insight, “the number of active users of “family locator services” (smartphones with GPS and personal location devices) in North America and Europe is expected to reach 70 million in 2016, up from 16 million in 2011”. You don’t miss the chance and get close to your family. Download the app now and enhance your connectivity now!

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