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Best Frameless Smartphones And Copies Of The iPhone X


February 26 to March 1, Barcelona hosted the next mobile industry exhibition Mobile World Congress 2018. The TechiWorm selected the best and worst novelties of the event especially Best Frameless Phones.

The Best Frameless Phones

There is no doubt that smartphones in 2018 will differ from all others by the lack of frames on the sides. This is a great trend. Thanks to this decision, companies, such as Asus, can offer customers a smartphone with a screen of 6.2-inch, which in size almost does not differ from the 5.5-inch predecessor. Such changes happened in the Zenfone lineup with the appearance of the “five”. If before frameless Samsung and LG smartphones were exceptions, now it becomes the norm.

Samsung S9 and S9+

Samsung S9 and S9+

It’s hard to argue that these two smartphones were the best at this year’s MWC. With an improved camera moved to a reasonable place by a fingerprint scanner and the best processor, the S9 and S9 + will occupy the top lines in the Android smartphone rating for at least a year.

Nokia 8810 from the Matrix

Nokia 8810 from the Matrix

Yes, we all love gadgets that nostalgic for lost youth. With a price tag of less than $ 100, the Nokia 8810 boasts LTE, Google Assistant, Google Maps applications, Twitter, Facebook, and Snake.

Lenovo Chromebooks

Lenovo Chromebooks

New netbooks from Lenovo left a pleasant impression on MWC. Each model withstands drop and moisture, and the touchscreen on one model and the stylus that comes with the other are an excellent addition. The most expensive netbook on the line costs $ 350 – and this is a super-affordable price.

Apex From Vivo

Apex From Vivo

Vivo drew attention to CES 2018, introducing a concept smartphone with a built-in screen fingerprint scanner. Apex is the most frameless smartphone. Vivo managed to abandon the speaker and move the front camera into the case to make a phone with such thin frames.

Worse Copies of iPhone X

Worse Copies of iPhone X

Many, many manufacturers decided to just copy the “bangs” of the iPhone X in their innovations. Asus, for example, even boasted, that the cutout on Zenfone 5 is less than on the “top ten”. None of the manufacturers tried to create an analog Face ID because this is the main reason for the existence of “bangs.” Companies simply copied the aesthetics of Apple with their cosmetic changes. Thus, Zenfone 5, for example, has become both the best and worst novelty of MWC 2018.

Smooth death of the headphone jack

This year, Nokia and Sony introduced the flagships without a mini-jack. They decided that Bluetooth would cover the inconvenience, simplicity, and versatility of the usual connector. Now the mini-jack is available only in budget models and smartphones of companies that do not want to refuse it – for example, Samsung and LG.

AR Emoji from Samsung

Animoji from Samsung

They are terrible, are not they? AR-emoji, as Samsung calls them, is the answer to the novelty from Apple. But in fact, users get ugly creatures, the animation of which is the worst that was created after the release of  Mass Effect: Andromeda.

“Reissue” smartphone from LG

Reissue smartphone from LG

There are many industries in which companies take an existing product, make a couple of cosmetic changes, and then re-release it with a new brand. But in the mobile industry, it does not work that way. However, at MWC, LG “reissued” its existing V30 smartphone under the new name LG V30S ThinQ. The novelty is identical to the old phone except for the increased memory and RAM.

All software updates of the V30S ThinQ will be ported to the V30 with the update. That is, in fact, LG used MWC 2018 for the announcement of a software patch. Maximum disappointment.

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