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Boost your Earnings with POP Ads

0 is an Online URL shortening website that allows users to earn money by generating a unique shortened link. There are many features provided by the website that is favorable to the advertisers and the publishers to boost their earnings and also promoting their product by advertising in the URL shortener page. The basic theme of the is to generate an interface of online marketing. usually allows the publishers i.e., users who earn money by shortening the links through various tools like Timeouts, domain lists and timeout with multiple customizable options under each tool provided in the website that actually helps the users to boost their earning based on their preferences.

What’s new in

Recently came up with a new innovative idea to level up the digital marketing service by introducing a new feature called “POP ADS”. This update introduced by the is a unique feature and also an innovative way of increasing the publisher’s earnings.

With the introduction of Pop ads, has introduced an innovative way to increase the exchange of Ad requests to the publishers and also helps the advertisers to showcase their product in an ease. The numbers of pop ads that need to be activated are set to 1 as default on the website which can be changed as per the requirements of the publisher.

What are POP ADS?

Pop Ads can be explained as when a user enters into a website, Additional advertisements are displayed on the webpage. These advertisements are triggered when the user clicks on the website. So, when a user clicks on the webpage a new window is generated with the advertisement under the current browser. The number of pop ads is set to the default of 1 advertisement per 24 hours.

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How to Activate POP Ads to boost earnings?

Pop Ads is a recent update in the which mainly aims to increase the publishers earning. The previous users can also activate pop ads in their dashboard. The following are the steps to install the Pop ads on the website.

  • Login to your account. Register if you are a new user.

  • In the Home dashboard of your account, at the top-right click on “Tools”.

  • Under the tools drop-down menu, select “Website Monetization”.
  • In the website monetization page, you can see a list of tools that are used to manage your website monetization.
  • You can generate the JavaScript code that is required to display the advertisements on your website by selecting the options provided like “Links, Entries, Exits, and Pop Ads”.

  • You can turn on and off the tools if you don’t want them to display in the website.
  • You can activate the pop ads by checking the option “Off” which turns it on.
  • Now copy the script generated at the right side of your webpage and paste it in the head section of the website.
  • Dang! You just activated the Pop ads on your website.

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TIPS: The Pop Ads are optional and can also be turned off as per the requirements of the publisher. The number of pop ads that need to be displayed for per 24 hours is set to “One” by default which can be changed into multiple and can be triggered “On click” under the current browser by generating the script.

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