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How To Delete Files Using CMD on Windows PC – 3 Quick Steps


Using the computer with some additional tweaks or in a different manner than normal operation makes a little thrilling experience. In this post, I’m with another tweak or trick for Windows users. This trick is mainly focused on deleting files from PC by using CMD (Command Prompt) option. Cool? Yep, it may be!

Hope everyone knows about CMD operations and its advantages. CMD can be used for many big operations, but deleting files is a small task and we are just giving a try on it for fun sake. As it’s an awesome trick to delete your files using Command Prompt, the sound may voice good but to be frank, this one is good. By using this method you can delete your files by entering some codes in CMD. In the normal method you will be right clicking the file which you like to delete, then you will click the delete option. And then the file will be deleted after clicking the YES option. That will be normal method or operation.


But this new amazing is far different from other tools. If you like to show that you’re a skilled person in programming and on the computer then you can impress your friends by going through this method. Surely they may impress with your works. Do you wanna try it on your PC system? To delete files using CMD, just follow the steps given right below. If you’re ready then we can go ahead with the tutorial.

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How To Delete Files Using CMD in PC Windows

Step 1:- Click the Start Button and type CMD in the search bar. Or else press Windows Key + R button on your keyboard and type CMD in that command box. Once you entered just hit the enter button on your keyboard. If you do so, a new command prompt window should have opened for you.

Step 2:- In that box, type del and then type the correct name of the file that you want to delete (Type the full file name with its extension). You can find the file extension by right-clicking the file and click Properties. Got it? Then go ahead…

Step 3:- Otherwise simply enter your file name in search bar by pressing Ctrl key + F and then right click on that and choose Properties. In that dialog box, you will view the full file name for your file with its locations. Just note it down anywhere else and enter that location with the file name in CMD. And to delete that file, just add del in front of the file name.

Example: C:\Program Files\Sony\ del Sony Vegas.exe

Step 4:- If you have done, That’s it! Pretty exciting?

Final Words

What do you think about this tutorial to delete files using CMD option in simplest manner? Helpful or not? Hope it would be so helpful to all and all should have done this without facing any errors. If you’re facing any issues while executing this method on your PC windows then let us know them in comments below. We try our best to solve it ASAP. If you like this post or if you feel that this post helped you a lot to know about CMD function then make a share with your friends on social media sites. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers 🙂

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