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How To Download Instagram Video With Chrome/Firefox


Hope everyone is aware of Instagram and its advantages. Recently they introduced video sharing option which made all the Instagram users felt happy. With this feature, users can share videos which got run-time of about 15 seconds with a single click. Maybe this feature is somewhat similar to Hike and WhatsApp messengers. But in Instagram, there are quite different in means of sharing 😀

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So many people like those videos who share in via Instagram app. They like to download them, but there is no official option to save it on their device for offline uses. If you’re trying to download Instagram videos for free without using any software or tools then you can! This post is fully on it 😀

You can find many tweaks for Download the Instagram videos, likewise here I’m with another tutorial on Instagram. In this post, I’ll share some brief guidelines about downloading Instagram videos without using any software or tools. All you need is just a Google Chrome browser or any other browser which got Inspect Element feature. If you have so, then you’re done 50% already. The remaining tutorial added below! Just check them out and share your quires below in comments 🙂

How To Download Instagram Video in 1-Click?

Step 1: Login to your Instagram account in your web browser. I recommend you guys go with Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox browser because they got Inspect Element feature.

Step 2: Then open the video which you like to download on Instagram.

Step 3: Once it loaded, just right click on it and click “Inspect Element” option.


Step 4: There below click on ” Select an Element With Mouse” for Firefox. For the Chrome browser as shown below.

Step 5: Once you click on it, just click the video on the Instagram page. Now the video link will be shown in the below bow as a real-time change to show you a link to an mp4 video. Just double-click on it and copy that link. The link is nothing but that video download link.

Step 6: Now paste the copied video download link in the URL bar of your browser and press Enter button. Within a fraction of a second, your Instagram will be get started to download for offline view on your PC or any other devices. That’s it!

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Summing up

What do you think about this post? Helped you a bit? I hope it will 😀 This post will surely make you learn about Downloading Instagram Videos with Chrome or FireFox Browser. If you’re facing any issues then drop them below in comments. We try our best to solve them out and get rid of it! If you feel that this post helped you, then share this tutorial post with your friend’s circles and encourage us to share such informative post in upcoming days. Cheers 😀

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