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How To Find Lost AirPods If You Have Not Gone Far?


We at TechOverall try our best to deliver best lifehacks. In Our Last Post, we discussed Found AirPods and if they are legally your’s. In this post today we will discuss How to Find Lost AirPods If you are around.

Open the firmware “Find the iPhone”. In the list of devices, find your AirPods and select the “Play Sound” option. Listen and go to the place where the headphones could be lost. When the iPhone finds them nearby, the headphones will make a thin squeak, through which you can try to find your AirPods.

Also check with the map, which will show the last known location of AirPods.

If the AirPods are completely discharged, they will not emit a sound and will not be found in the application. And if the headphones are found by someone and connected to another iPhone, iPad or Mac, then they will de facto cease to be your property. So be careful and try not to let “airborne” out of sight. Well, if you found, then remember that they are yours only in dreams. But according to the law – no.

How the Find AirPods function works in iOS 10.3

How the Find AirPods function works in iOS 10.3

The main fear of the owners of AirPods is to lose one of the headphones. What if you accidentally left it somewhere, how to look? Yesterday, Apple released an update to iOS 10.3 with the “Find AirPods” feature, which should solve this problem.

How does it work?

How To Find Lost AirPods If You Have Not Gone Far?

You can search for AirPods using the Find iPhone application from the iPhone or iPad or It tracks the last place where you connected the headphones via Bluetooth and shows it on the map.

Important nuance: during searches, AirPods should be connected to your iPhone, since there are no built-in cellular modules in the headphones themselves. That is, you should remember where you could leave them, and go there so that the headphones automatically connect to the iPhone. Then you need to launch the Find the iPhone application and start the search.

After the headphones appear on the card, you can activate the sound signal on them to make it easier to search. For example, if they are under the table. Well … everything.

Is there any benefit to this?

The function was added for a tick, at the same time blocking third-party applications with similar functionality. You cannot find AirPods if you left them in the case. They just will not be able to connect to your iPhone.

They can safely pick up from the table and tie their homes to their Apple ID. Why make such a useless application? For example, to sell lost headphones and cases separately for $69.

Be careful and do not lose your AirPods.

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