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I Found AirPods Are They Mine Now?


Hypothetical situation.

You’re walking down the street. On the ground lies one earphone AirPods – someone lost. The owner is not around, and you picked up the find.

Suppose the real master is not declared. How to make the found AirPods your own, so that no one will dig out?

It turns out that it ‘s very simple, but by law – on the contrary.

How to determine who owns AirPods?

airpods case serial number

Headphones are not attached to people like smartphones. Identifying them is not easy. There is a visible serial number. Or scratches, the damage that the previous owner knows by heart.

Where to find the serial number of AirPods: only in the case-charge. Open the lid and look up on the inside of the recess for the right earpiece.

Individual headphones – left and right – do not have any visible serial numbers.

And what about the law? Am I a thief now?

airpods steal

Very much even can be. Just by taking AirPods off the floor and starting to use them, legally you are in a vulnerable position.

According to the law of the Russian Federation, the one who found someone else’s thing is obliged, in order:

1. Notify or attempt to notify the owner, or his representatives and related persons

2. In public places (transport, institutions, transport) – notify or transfer the thing to the owners of the public place or its representatives

3. In the absence of an opportunity to notify the owner and his representatives, write a statement about the finding to the police or local authorities (this is important!)

4. If within 6 months the real owner did not contact and did not declare the desire to take away the find, it becomes the property of the finder.

In all this, paragraph 3 is very important.

Without writing a statement about the find in the police, you lose the main proof of their innocence. Without such an application, you can “hang up” the case of theft in the event that the lawful owner addresses with appropriate purposes to the police.

Remember that the time limit for transferring to your property – 6 months – starts to count not from the moment of discovery, but from the moment of submission of the corresponding application to the police. If you are inactive or cannot provide proof of persistent attempts to find the owner, you are legally ineligible to find, and the owner will be able to withdraw it at any time.

AirPods Found

There is something else.

Right to compensation: the finder has the right to receive cash compensation of up to 20% of the retail value of the thing. In this case, the right to compensation is absent, if you did not file an application with the police about the find or tried to conceal it.

In the case of found AirPods, you can safely ask the owner of compensation is $45. But only after the statement to the police. Otherwise, you risk becoming a suspect in the case of theft.

Understood with this, now specifically about the situation.

What if I found the AirPods headphones, but not the case?

Found Airpods

After 6 months, the found AirPods headphones you make your own if you have a standard charging case . Separately, it is not sold in stores, so here you are left to yourself.

Try to search on online flea markets or contact an Apple authorized service center, asking for a replacement.

Insert the found headphones inside the case, then grip the white button on the back. Get the iPhone, confirm the connection – that’s all. Now that’s your headphones.

One “but”. In the Bluetooth menu, these headphones will be named as they were called by the previous owner. To rename them, just click on the button opposite and enter any other name.

What if I found the AirPods case, but not the headphones?


Use the found cover can be with any AirPods, whether or not. However!

The AirPods cover can be identified by serial number. If there is a check or a box, the previous owner (theoretically) will be able to file a claim against you. And in the case of the accepted statement about the theft – and even expose you a thief, mixing their headphones themselves (they say, they were in the case, and now they are not).

If I were you, I’d leave the case where he was lying.

And so the second case is suitable as a local charging for the AirPods. For example, one at home, one at work, and you do not need to carry any more with you.

What if I found both the headphones and the AirPods case?

Airpod Hand

First, try to connect them – but not until the end. Get the iPhone, hold the button on the cover and wait for the animation on the screen of the smart. After it, the full name of the accessory will appear.

Typically, headphones are called AirPods (Apple ID account name).

Ask people around if they have lost their headphones. Just do not give it away right away, ask how a person’s name is and what brand and model the headphones were. If everything is the same, you just did a very good job and you all have great respect!

Secondly, wait at this place for 10-15 minutes. Perhaps the owner will come back and start looking for headphones through the “Find the iPhone“. If the headphones suddenly squeak in your hands, then everything, just wait until they approach you. Again, great respect for this.

If both options lead nowhere, go ahead and with the song fulfill the letter of the law. And wait for 6 months.

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