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How to Access your Entire Music Collection from your iPhone


No doubts! We all are music lovers and this being the most consistent thing about music. With the changing evolution, everything has been constantly changing in the music world frequently. There have been continuous alterations in the music styles and numerous new artists have emerged too. In the past century, there has been fluxed through the format of how we people listen to the songs. The music formats have bounced a lot, from compact cassettes to CDs to DVDs, from Vinyl LPs to 8-track tapes and much more.


Throughout the years along with all the changes in the music formats, we obviously do have a large music collection with us, but unluckily, we don’t have a single device on which we can store our entire music collection. Do you know how to access your entire music collection from your iPhone? You will be amazed to know that now we have younity App which easily solves all the problems associated with the limited access to the music collection for free. It just modernizes the music collection. With the younity App, you can easily access your computers and Macs as well as your iPad and iPhone for accessing the music. Other than the music feature, you can do various other cool things with younity.

Younity’s Music Feature

  • Allow playing all the music stored on the computers or Macs through iPad or iPhone.
  • Users can share the music files with friends and family from their iPhone.
  • Allows sharing the iTunes playlists.
  • Helps in merging the iTunes accounts.
  • Helps in streaming the music on iTunes without using Apple Music.

Using younity App is quite really easy and there is no involvement of the technical set-up. It is even free of cost.

These are some of the things which younity music feature offers to its users. Further, we will give a brief about how to access the music stored on computers and iPhone. If you still haven’t downloaded and installed younity on your computer and iPhone, then do it right away.

  • Open the app and select Music
  • Users can simply filter the music by its categories, genre, artist, podcast or Playlist and much more.
  • Tap the suitable category and find the music.

The mobile storage is always being a limited one and we often keep our pictures and videos on a separate device. But if you want to access your computer or iPhone completely anytime and anywhere, then we have younity which allow the users in gaining a spontaneous access to all the files and folders stored on computers as well as on the iPhone.

One of the best alternatives to the cloud services is the younity App which is more flexible in terms of browsing files. This app does not delete or moves the computer files. Lastly, users need to stay in a younity app while downloading the files. Overall, it is a worth to use the app for iOS users. Soon, we will be introduced with younity’s Android version. Also read, how to access and transfer iPhone music from a computer.

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