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How To Create an Online Store Independently [Beginner]


I usually write about ordering turnkey stores. But there is an even more economical way to start a business: you can easily create your own online store from scratch.

To do this, you will need only $ 89 for the purchase of dropshipping plug-in (and if you use the coupon at the end of this article, then another 25% less, ie $ 66 ), plus standard payments for the domain and hosting and a couple of hours of free time. The entire budget for the launch of the site will be two to three times less than when ordering the most affordable ready-made store on the same plugin ($ 299 + hosting). And also no monthly fees – you pay only once.

Of course, this option, despite its financial attractiveness, is not suitable for everyone. Buying an AliDropship plug-in and creating an online store from scratch will be an ideal option for you if you:

  • Want to save as much as possible at the start of your business;
  • You have experience with WordPress (I am sure that there are many people with such skills among my readers – after all, this is the most popular and convenient platform in the world, and this is free);
  • You know English at least at an average level – and in my experience, everyone who deals with IT knows it to one degree or another;
  • You didn’t work with WordPress, but you know English and with technologies on “you”: you grab everything on the fly and like to create something beautiful with your own hands.

What does the  AliDropship plugin do?

1. It creates a full-fledged semi-automatic dropshipping business operating 24/7, even when you sleep.

2. It “builds” for you a beautiful, unique online store adapted for your mobile devices according to your preferences (here is my store on AliDropship plugin for example).

3. It searches for and imports an unlimited number of products from AliExpress and creates an attractive catalog from them.

4. It helps to establish optimal price formulas and apply them to all (or only selected) products.

5. It supports all major payment systems and is compatible with WooCommerce.

6. It downloads real customer reviews about imported goods — in the language you need. With real photos!

7. He ensures that the catalog is not outdated, daily checking the relevance of the information (prices, discounts, availability of goods from the supplier, etc.) and correcting the data in the event of changes.

8. It provides detailed reports and a convenient admin panel for processing orders. Moreover, he can fill an order with a supplier from AliExpress instead of you, you will only have to approve and send it.

9. It provides your customers with all the tracking information on their orders.

10. It automatically fills in the fields required for the promotion of a store in search engines (SEO).

11. It allows you to create discount coupons and arrange sales.

12. And if a potential buyer put the goods in the basket, but left, without buying it, the plugin will do everything to convince him to return and complete the purchase.

And that’s not all: the plugin is being improved by our development team every day, and the list of its skills is constantly growing.

If you already understand how this tool is good, but are not sure yet that you can install it and build the store yourself, these two videos (in English) will dissuade you:

Installing AliDropship plugin:



As you can see, anyone with average English and knowledge of WordPress (or the desire to learn) can create and customize an online store from scratch in just a couple of hours.

Note: in the case of buying only a plug-in (as opposed to a turnkey store order on it), you will have to edit the names and descriptions of the goods yourself. This is very easy to do with the admin panel, although it will take a decent amount of time, especially if you immediately download hundreds of products (so I would advise starting with 50, edit them and then add the same small portions). If this single minus does not bother you, buy a plugin right now – and run your business for really funny money. And to make them even funnier, use a 25% discount on the coupon EXPRESS25.

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