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How to Easily Make Online Courses on Computer


Make Online Courses on Computer

Nowadays, the online lecture is getting more and more popular. You can find many different types of online courses such as JAVA tutorial, Photoshop learning guide, speaking training lessons and so on. This offers lots of advantages to both instructors and learners. For someone who wants to learn some skills, they can always find the desired and professional courses online and get what they want, regardless of where they live. And for the instructors themselves, the online course has much flexibility for the creating job. For example, they can decide where and when to make this online lecture. More importantly, the online courses, with a greater number of audiences, have more influence when comparing to the regular courses.

Creating a high-quality video course is not that difficult if you get a right tool for it. There are tons of video creating and editing software on the market and choosing a good one will undoubtedly help a lot with your job. Here I will show you how to make a tutorial video on your Windows or Mac computer by using the FonePaw Screen Recorder, a professional screen recording and capturing tool which has been tested to be helpful in my cases.

What Can You Do with the FonePaw Screen Recorder Tool?

  • Simultaneously record with audio from microphone and system sounds.
  • Easily record screen activities and webcam video in HD.
  • Create the unique video withdrawing or adding texts, arrows to the recording or screenshot.

If you’re the ones who want to create an online tutorial video and share your talent, scroll down and check how to make the great online content to attract new followers.

How to Make Online Courses on Computer?

  1. Preparing for Your Video

Before you create the tutorial video, you need to first figure out what contents to share. Confirm your topic and you can also write a rough script for the important points. It would be great to make practice before recording. Try to speak clearly and logically but don’t read your script directly. And acting like you’re talking to somebody will make your video more attractive to your audiences.

  1. Get the Recorder on Your Computer

Download and install the FonePaw Screen Recorder program on your computer. Launch it and you will see the homepage of the app.

This program has Windows and Mac versions. In this post, I take the Mac version for an example. Please note that the interface of it will be different. But it’s fine because both of the two versions are easy to use and I think you can absolutely work through it!

Recorder on Your Computer

Tips: To create your own recording, you can also customize your settings: select the area, turn on/adjust the microphone, track mouse cursor, and record with a webcam or not. And if you don’t want to always click the button to begin or stop recording, hotkeys may be helpful for you. Go to “Preference” to set it up.

  1. Start Recording or Filming

There are two different ways to make your video: record computer screen or record video from a webcam.

If you want to show the screen activities on your computer, for example, your gaming moments, just hit the REC button or use the hotkeys to begin recording your screen. During capturing, you are able to add text to the interface, add an arrow to give direction and so on.

Publish Your Tutorial Video Online

You can also record your webcam video in HD with your own sound. Now firstly check your webcam and make sure it works properly. Click on the Webcam recording button on the homepage of the software to start recording. Then the webcam will record anything at which it’s pointed. Just start your speech or other contents you want to share.

Hit on recording button again to stop it. You can then find your video by clicking the button next to Preference.

  1. Publish Your Tutorial Video Online

You can directly share it on your social media such as Facebook or Twitter. And of course, you should also upload it on YouTube to get more traffic.

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