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How to Enable Password Protection In Google Chrome


Securing our data is a must and many of us are having this habit to lock everything with some passwords. Such people don’t care about the Operating System they use! Anyway, it’s a good habit to ensure that your friends or unknown won’t mess up with you and it may give some protection to your stored data and privacy too. Enable Password Protection for password protect you don’t need to consider which gadget you use. You can do it on all by your own!

But sometimes you may share your device with others and they may access your data by using browsers. So you need to add some protection there too! If you like to add password protection for your password, then I prefer you to go for Google Chrome browser. You may ask why? It just because of the Google recently added a feature in Google Chrome called User Manager which allows the users to Lock their browsing section with passwords. And the best part about this feature is that you can password protect to your multiple accounts to manage different occasions.

Wanna to protect your Google Chrome browser with Password? Protect your browsing data? Then follow the guidelines added below!

How to Password Protect in Chrome Browser

To use this feature you need to Log in to your browser with a Google Account.

Then Open Chrome and go to experiments page by typing the URL “chrome://flags” in the address bar.

In the Experiments page, search for “Enable New Profile Management System“. Once you do, just select the option “Enable“.

Now click on the “Relaunch Now” which showed up at the bottom of your browser screen.


Then relaunch it and you will see a drop-down menu on the top right corner of your browser. Make a click on it and select the option “Lock“. That’s it! Now your Chrome will close the window you’re in or reload all the pages and shows all the users profile who have connected their Google account with your Chrome Browser. You can relaunch it anytime and choose your own profile for secure browsing.

One more thing, to access your profile use your Google Account password and go ahead! Surely this feature gonna to protect a little bit then before.


Once it was locked, other users can browse only as Guest users. So for being a guest, they need to click the option “Browse as Guest” which will be located at the left corner of the browser.

Benefits of Chrome’s User Manager

Just simple, you can protect all information like your saved passwords, browsing history, cookies, account details and more. Hope you would have linked your Chrome browser with Google account too! And anyone who accesses your browser can get some confidential data of yours and mail ids too! So make sure you’re protected in all ways. So to protect all these things in a single click you need to go for User Manager!

The awesome thing about this feature is that you can add your friends or other users by selecting the option “Add Person“.

Note:- This feature is an Experiment by Google. So there is no assurance that this feature will be in your setting page at any time. Be caution of it too!

Hope this post on “Enable Password Protection In Google Chrome” helped you a lot, do share your thoughts in comments below and share your experience with Google Chrome “User Manager” feature! Cheers 🙂

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