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How to Find the Location Where a Picture was Taken

We find some wonderful photographs on the internet or anywhere else, taken by professional or amateur photographers. They keep discovering new places, new locations, backgrounds, sceneries, landscapes in their photographic and adventurous life. Most of you might also want to do the same but cannot due to various reasons with what you are now, but may visit all those places in the future if you want to.

When you see a picture or a photograph, in most cases, you may not even know where it has been captured unless the photographer has mentioned the location in the EXIF details. Then how will you find the picture location? Don’t worry, read the entire article and you can easily find the location of a picture following these simple steps.

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Method 1: Find The Location where a picture was taken using GPS

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that when you capture a picture with your mobile phone camera, the camera not only stores the picture but also stores the EXIF details and also the GPS coordinates. And when you have those GPS coordinates you can easily find the location using many online tools.

Note: This method works only for those pictures taken in a mobile phone camera or a high end camera with GPS. If this doesn’t work then better jump onto the next method!

Step1: Copy the source URL of the photograph.

Step2: Go to to view the EXIF data of a Photograph.

Step3: Paste the source link of the photograph in the input box provided beside image URL and click on View image at URL to view the EXIF details of the photograph.

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Step4: Next you will be able to view the EXIF details of the photograph along with the GPS coordinates and the location where the photograph was taken.

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Method 2: Find Photograph’s location using Google Images

Step 1: Save the photograph to your computer and open Google Images.
Step 2: Next click on the camera icon and select the Upload an image tab. Click on Choose file and select the saved photograph.

Step 3: Within seconds Google will identify the location of the photograph by comparing it with other similar images on the internet.

Google displays the best guess for your image. Most probably the guess is right all the time. If it doesn’t show the location, then the picture might be fake or it might be having some problem, wherein the image might not have many results or it is too old.

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