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How to Find your Lost Android Phone/ Tablet


Yesterday night you are in full hangover in a party, dancing all over. What you didn’t care about is your Phone.
The next day after you woke up and you realized that your phone is gone! And sometimes you misplace your phone somewhere in couch cushions and the worst condition is that it is in silent mode. Don’t Panic!
We have the heap of apps that let you track your android phone. But we filtered out the best ones
Here is how to find lost android phone or tablet.

Top 5 Security Apps to Track the Lost Android Phone

1. Android Device Manager

The App Android Device Manager is released by Google Available for free in Play Store, the app lets users manage and secure an Android tablet or phone associated with their Google account from PC or any other Android device

Steps to use Android Device Manager

  • If You have misplaced your phone somewhere in your house, Click Ring icon and your phone rings with the maximum volume even if it’s been in silent mode
  • If you have stored any valuable information, you can Erase that data from the reach of others suspicious persons
Google Play Link: Android Device Manager

2. Where’s My Droid


With Where’s My Droid, you text a secret “attention” word or phrase to the phone. That activates the app’s find-me mode, which switches the phone from vibrate to ringer, cranks the volume, and makes it ring for 30 seconds.
Alternately, you can text a different word to enable GPS mode. Once the phone locates itself, Where’s My Droid will respond with its exact coordinates. These are provided as latitude and longitude, which you can enter into Google Maps to get a real-world location.

What’s nice about Where’s My Droid is that, unlike a lot of other phone-finder apps, it’s not constantly transmitting location information, so it should have minimal impact on your battery.

Google Play Link: Where’s My Droid

3. Bit Defender Anti-Theft


Bitdefender Anti-Theft on Android requires you to set up a PIN in order to protect your device. Bitdefender Anti-Theft requires you to grant permissions to the app as a Device Administrator. As a Device Administrator, Anti-Theft will have full access to your device’s operations in order to maximize security. Without the PIN, you will not be able to disable or uninstall Anti-Theft

  • It allows you to Locate your device. Using GPS and WiFi information. 
  • You can Lock your device. Wipe data your device. If the data on your device is so sensitive that you can’t afford the risk. 
  • Alert your device. This control will cause your device to emit an alarm–even if it’s set to silent! 
  • Receive alerts whenever the SIM card in your phone has been replaced
Google Play Link: Bit Defender Anti-Theft

4. Plan B

Lost Android Phone

This app comes in handy even if you didn’t install any tracking app before your Android device was stolen or misplaced. Plan B is an Android app from Lookout Labs which locates your smartphone using cell towers and GPS, then sends the location of your smartphone to your Gmail Inbox.
In some smartphones, Plan B can enable the GPS on the phone then update you with its location every 10 minutes. If your phone doesn’t have GPS option you can text ‘location’ from another phone, and details of the missing phone’s location will be sent to your email. In the absence of a data connection, the software will send its location via SMS instead.

Google Play Link: Plan B

5. Prey Anti-Theft


Prey lets you remotely find and track your Android Phone on a map, using geolocation based on GPS or WiFi data. Prey also lets you take pictures using both of your phone cameras (with luck, getting a picture of the thief or any useful location information), push an alert message to the display, and trigger a loud alarm. Prey can report on network information, too, which might also help to narrow down the device’s location.

Google Play Link: Prey Anti-Theft

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