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How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk/Pendrive


We know you have many important files on your PC or pen drive and most of you, knowingly or unknowingly, might have deleted them permanently from the drive and banged your head in despair. This might have happened by deleting from the recycle bin, assuming that everything is a trash or by using Shift + Delete command.

Everything may seem to be lost, but it’s actually not! The contents aren’t immediately destroyed from the drive. There are programs which can fetch those deleted files back. We’ll solve this problem in an easier way, just 6 simple steps, learn how!



Step 1: Do not use the drive

The first thing you should be careful is not to use the drive in which your file was deleted. As stated previously, the files aren’t immediately destroyed, but if you keep using the same drive constantly the files may be overwritten easily. Thereby reducing the chances of recovering the lost or deleted files. Hence, you have the best chance if you stop saving or downloading into that particular drive.

Step 2: Search and Download a File Recovery Program

There are a number of file recovery programs available on the internet. Most of them are paid versions but we have listed few free software which is equally efficient. Read the reviews and choose the best option of your choice.

In this tutorial, we are using Recuva recovery program. You can choose any of the above software to recover deleted files.


NOTE: Remember not to download the files on the same drive where you need to recover deleted files. And also check if the recovery program is portable with your PC configurations.

Step 3: Run the recovery program

Once you are done with your download process, run the program on the PC if you are to recover deleted files on the hard disk. If you are to recover deleted files from pen drive, insert it and then run the program.



Step 4: What to scan?

If you remember a particular file you lost and want to recover the deleted file, just select the type of file you are searching in the next window which appears. This might save your time or you can even select ‘Other’ to show all the files.




Step 5: Where to scan?

You now need to tell the program where exactly it should scan for the deleted files. You can either be specific if you are aware of it or search in the entire disk.


Step 6: Select the file to be recovered

The next window allows you to browse through various files which can be recovered from the particular drive, navigate through them and select the files you want to recover. Follow the instructions given and you can finally recover deleted files!


Recover Deleted Files


->The files may be sometimes restored in the original location.
->The files may not be 100% recovered, as the entire file may not always be stored in the same memory location or few parts may have already been overwritten.

Congrats! You have successfully recovered deleted files! Now you can also protect important files as a precaution. Learn how to password protect files and folders!

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