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How to Save Data when using Google Chrome Android App


While browsing most important data in the smartphones user confronts various issues. To save the browsed data which is felt to be important when there is limited data through the service provider. These kinds of circumstances are most common while browsing data using chrome in smartphones.

When there is limited data, the data saved is earned data. Music is stored in devices while using most of the popular music streaming apps in the smartphones. Which can be availed by the user using Google to save data using Chrome Web browser.

Save data chrome android

Data is compressed from Google’s servers to save data. To save data from Google Chrome in Android Devices do follow the following process.

Step 1: Overflow Menu has to be Opened Initially.

After opening the Chrome, users would be able to witness the something as illustrated above. Click on to the menu bar at the top or bottom what so provided on your device.

Step 2: Now Select Settings

After getting open the overflow menu user would witness a menu which has to be scrolled to locate the settings. After locating settings, tap on to the screen to select the settings option and scroll down to bottom.

Step 3: Tap on to “Bandwidth management”

Locate the “Bandwidth management” option after locating  setting tap on to the “Bandwidth management.”

Step 4: Tap on “Reduce data usage”

Under Preload web pages”  “Reduce data usage” is found and tap on to it which enable to save data. Google predicts user’s moments and interest during preloading the web pages so as to load the additional pages in the background.

Step 5: Turn on and Sense Data usage Effects

Users would witness a screen stating pages loaded with this feature turned on will be compressed through Google’s servers after selecting “Reduce data usage” thus toggle on a switch located at the far right top corner.

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After toggling on data compression user would be directed to screen as to monitor and know how much data has been saved while browsing. Users can do always this Data Reducing experience whenever they feel to do so as to save the data and earn the data.

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