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[How to] Set Video as Wallpaper using VLC media Player


Hello, guys! Again we are back to share informative stuff daily 🙂

To be frank, we had some technical issues so that we could update the blog regularly! So let me start again to share the quality post for my loyal readers!

Today I’m with an tweak to Set Video As Wallpaper using VLC Player which gives you some prank to your friends! It may be weird, but you can do that! There are many video players available on the web, but among that program VLC is the best player in my point of view. I have experienced a lot with it and hope you do the same!

The VLC media player which supports all media file formats which make a handy player! VLC Media Player is the best audio and video player worldwide which is more flexible and lightweight program. And it will support all multimedia formats instead of downloading some codec for specific files, you can use VLC Media Player.

From MPEG to FLV it gives you good experiences with no issues! It also supports BluRay and HD along with integration with web streaming services too! So that you watch online videos easily by using this software. The only thing, the user interface may be quite a basic version other things are good on it!

Video Wallpaper
Video Wallpaper

And you can also find lots of tricks made for VLC player and here I brought you another one! This is not a trick, you can call it as hidden features of VLC Media Player 🙂

This guide post is totally about “set a video as the desktop background” that too using VLC Player in no time! Let’s jump into the tutorial section,

How to Set Video as Desktop Background in Windows OS

At first, you need to have the latest version of VLC Media Player installed on your system. If not just download and install it now by navigating here.

Then play your favorite video using VLC player.

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Now click the Video options from the menu bar then just Click Set As Wallpaper!

That’s it! Now you can watch that video as your desktop wallpaper background without any mess! And I recommend all to download the latest version and try this trick on their Computer.

Hope this article went off with an informative stuff about How to Set Video as Desktop Background using VLC Player! If you have any suggestions about this post, then feel free to share it with us in comments below! And Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and on popular social media websites.

Will catch you soon with another awesome post which makes you feel happy! Cheers 😀

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