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How to Speed-up File Transfer for my Windows PC/Laptop/Desktop


Speed-up File Transfer: The built-in file transfer system in Windows can be quite slow, as anyone who uses networked hard drives or moves large media files. So here is a way to make your file transfer speed up twice than Built-in.

TeraCopy is a great, easy to use app that optimizes transfer speed while avoiding other pitfalls of Windows Explorer. TeraCopy provides user for the faster interface between Personal Computer or Laptop with USB/ Pendrive/ Portable hard drive. Here are the steps for Installing and running TeraCopy to transfer your files faster From one Folder to other. 

TeraCopy Speed up file Transfer

Step 1: Download and Install The software

To get started with TeraCopy, download and install it from here.

Step 2: Select the files

While you can drag and drop files into TeraCopy, one can generally prefer to right-click files and folders from within Windows Explorer and select TeraCopy from the context menu.

Step 3: Copy Files

After selecting the files, it opens TeraCopy in a new window. Click the Copy icon in the top center to switch between copying and moving files.

Step 4: Choose Destination Folder

Select Browse… to choose a destination or choose a USB drive required for File transfer

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Step 5: File Transfer Notifications

TeraCopy starts the transfer. From the transfer window, you can click Always Ask to choose file replacement options.

Step 6: Test the files

Click one of the icons in the upper right to choose what TeraCopy does after finishing the transfer: Shut down entirely, eject the drive you’re using, test the files, and/or simply close the window. One of the great stealth features is that file transfers aren’t aborted if there’s an error, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the process if you don’t want to.

So, Did you find any change in File-Transfer after using this TeraCopy.? Comment below and Let us know about your Opinion on this Software

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