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How to Make Your Life Easy with UrbanClap App?


UrbanClap app is one of the most used for urban lifestyle services and for you it is one stop destination. In this app, we help you hire trusted professionals to get things done which happens in your life. You just have to download the professional workers for getting professional services. One can get plans from for your life daily activities, such as Yoga instructor, photographing, make professionals, birthday planning, designing, Guitar teacher and many other services related to it.

You can use the UrbanClap app for also Domestic services, Electronic, plumber, carpenter, Cleaning, Ac repair etc.

How can you Get UrbanClap?

You can choose from over 50+ services and home books based on modified priciest. This is 100% original services and you can trust them without any hesitation. The service provider will send it to your home at the required time and it is very rare it can be late it. You can pay with securely and easily through paytm account.


For hiring any professional service provider, you should send him friend request for hiring any professional services provider for your work through this app by answering simple questions. Then you can get the list of professional service providers for your work. In this way, you can choose the service provider which you like it according to your work which suits you better. You can also read their profiles, their reviews about their previous work and make your trust on them.

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Features of UrbanClap App

UrbanClap app has many features,  I will describe your major features of this app.

The range of Home service provider

Through using such kind of app, you can get the wide range of features for your homework and related to these. This app can provide you the full range of service providers which provide you different services like electric work, lumbering work, air conditioners, Cleaners for your home, furniture repairing and they availed at the spot, and you do not keep waiting for it. They are available instantly without wasting your time.

Experience of professional services

As we all know that, only those can make professionals which get through all works, Experience is majorly the biggest edge for professionals who provide their services. Various needy of urban booked through the app.  If you need photographs for any occasions, you can hire them by using this application. Beside from these, you can hire other a lot of services such as trainers, designers, event planners for your different occasions.

Trusting professionals

You are thinking about how you can trust them, even you do not know them.  The question is raised most of the times. But you don’t worry if you are using this amazing app for your work. We only take those service providers which are clean and providing you the list of those trusted service providers on our platform.  On our platform, there is no any scammer like this.

Home Booking

You can book these services in seating your home. I think this is great for you because you don’t need to go anywhere for booking.  When you are talking with the service provider, on a spot you can book them and give them to your present locations.

List of servicing providing

When you are connecting to this app you can get very vast types of service. Here are the lists of full services which are providing these apps.

These are some Yoga, Photographing, Makeup, Event planning, Cleaning, Designer, teachers, Tex consultant, and much more other services which are related to that.

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