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Nokia Introduced The Updated Nokia 8110 A Banana Phone From The “Matrix”


At the MWC in Barcelona, HMD Global, which received the rights to release Nokia-branded phones, introduced the updated feature Nokia 8810. The device is known for the fact that its original version (7110) was first shown in the first part of the “Matrix” – a curved phone got to hero Keanu Reeves in the mail envelope, and from there Morpheus’ voice was heard.

A remake will be released in two colors: classic black and yellow, to emphasize the “nickname” of the device, banana-background. The characteristics are not impressive: it’s a simple slider with a 2.4-inch QVGA display (320 x 240 pixels), it has 512 MB of RAM and an internal drive for 4 8810

The device is running a Qualcomm 205 chip on the Smart Feature OS. Users will be available a number of the most popular applications, like Facebook or “snake”. The 8810 supports 3G and 4G communications, and can also be used as an access point. The device has a modest 2 MP camera and a 1500 mAh battery (the manufacturer promises up to 25 days in standby mode).

The functionally sliding section above the keyboard is a dummy, it does not have a microphone or other options.

Price of Nokia 8810 in the European market is 79 euros. According to representatives of Nokia, this market should not be skeptical, since in the world more than a billion people still use feature-backgrounds.

Recall, last year Nokia brought to MWC an updated version of the legendary 3310.

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