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Periscope Launches Android App


In the past 20 years, the world has changed perhaps more so than it had in the preceding century. Vast leaps in technological advancement were made, until it came to the point where technological advancement was no longer about human survival, it was beyond that. As the twenty-first century came in, humanity began using technology for a singular and yet very ancient purpose: to connect one another. The world had become smaller, people could travel to a different continent and back within a single day, whereas not all that long ago such a journey would have taken a large part of one’s life to complete.

Periscope Launches Exclusive Android App

As a result of this spacing out of sorts of the human species, technology became about bridging to physical divides that now existed between people. The new revolutionary inventions were those that facilitated social interaction, inventions such as Facebook and Twitter. Another revolutionary invention of the twenty-first century was the voice over internet protocol service called Skype, which allowed users to speak to and send live video feeds to their loved ones, video chatting in a sense. Thus, physical distances have started to matter less and less as time goes by.

One of the newest inventions that are attempting to bridge physical divides through digital means is a relatively new app called Periscope. Periscope is a mixture of Skype and YouTube. The main purpose of this app is that it allows users to broadcast live video, much as Skype does, not to a single user on the other end but to a large group of people that form their subscriber base who can leave you messages and comments, much as YouTube allows you to do with pre-recorded videos rather than live broadcasts.

The exciting nature of this service has resulted in huge popularity for the app. As is so common with popular but highly specialized apps, a larger social network took an interest in buying the app, this social network being Twitter in this case. However, the owners of Periscope were initially reluctant to sell the app as they saw profitability in maintaining ownership. However, controversies ensuing after the season premiere of Game of Thrones along with the boxing match between Mayweather and Pacquiao were both streamed by users of the app resulted in the owners deciding to hand over ownership of the app to Twitter.

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The first thing that Twitter has decided to do with their new app is to launch it for Android. Doing this is quite a smart move, as it would be difficult to integrate the app into their own website and app if Android users aren’t able to download it. Doing so will also more than double the potential audience of the app, as Android users outnumber iOS users. The only potential concerns are those that are commonly felt by Android users: the app won’t translate well to Android and will be glitchy, as is so common with apps originally for iOS which are launched separately on Android.

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