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How To Enable Pin & Unpin Favorite Apps In Android Lollipop


Recently Google released its new version of mobile-based OS named Android L – Lollipop 5.0 with charming features. And Lollipop has been rolling out to users and if you don’t keep checking and upgrade to it! A few days back, we shared Play Store Error 110 and Pinning screen is a new feature added in Android 5.0 version.

Pinning screen is a new feature for mobiles and it was featured in Lollipop. Most of the people don’t care about this feature, but this tool will be so helpful for any instance. This feature allows the users to “Pin” an app to the screen and there won’t be any taps & swipes on a button. Users can exit the app only by unpinning it! Even you can set PIN or Password for unpinning the app. Really cool?

Enable Pin And Unpin Screens

First, you need to Enable Pinning feature on your device by navigating to Settings >> Security and find Screen Pinning option. Tap it to enable screen pinning and make sure you read those pinning instructions given right below it!

Enable Pin
Android Lollipop Settings


Now its time to Pin the apps on your screen. So launch the app that you want to pin. Then Tap the “Overview“. Seeing a floating thumb pin button at the bottom? Just Tap it and Confirm that you need the same app to be pinned on the screen.

To unpin the pinned app, just press and hold the multitasking button for a while. Be sure that you got some messages like ‘Screen Unpinned’. As mentioned before, if you have any pin or passwords enabled on your device, you might be needed to enter those things to unpin the app.

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There is no doubt about this feature gonna to be so helpful in multitasking occasions. Pin and Unpin screen can navigate you to anywhere around the screen with your apps. But it only within that app, for instance, you launch a photo and pin it to the screen. Then you’re allowed to swipe left or right to view another photo of yours. So be cautious while using this feature on your android mobile.

Whats your point of view on this feature? Good for users or bad?

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