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Quickest Way to Record iPhone Calls on your Mac


Most of us like Android-powered gadgets, but even though there are many Apple Product lovers. They love to have Apple gadgets and it make them feel great and big man 😛 The recent update on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite was enabled with many features, but some of them are hidden. So in this post at TechiWorm we’re going to discuss Record iPhone calls on your Mac. This is a simple and useful feature for all iPhone devices which can be done while your Mac and iPhone are signed in with same login details. And this feature called as Phone Relay.

So what this “Phone Relay” feature can do? Whether it will be helpful or not? For sure this feature will be useful in many cases. The relay feature allows the users to receive their iPhone calls on their Mac when they logged in with same iCloud account details. For processing this one, we’re going to use a tool called “Call Recorder” on your iPhone.

Call Recorder is an awesome tool for iOS platform. This tool can be used to record FaceTime calls on your Mac. But we are not going to discuss it! In order to record your iPhone call on your, Mac follows the simple steps given below without deviating any steps. If you do so then it may lead to face some errors while recording iPhone calls.

What do you need to Execute?

  • Make sure that Phone Relay feature working fine on your devices.
  • You need to have Enabled Bluetooth and WiFi on both of your devices.
  • Then Sign in with your iCloud account on both of your devices.

Simple Steps to Record iPhone Calls

Step 1:- Download FaceTime on your Mac.

Step 2:- Then Unzip the file and Install it.

Third Step:- Now configure settings for recording.

Step 4:- Once you have done everything, make a call to others using FaceTime. Then set automatic recording option by navigating to setting menu. And this will enable the recording feature automatically. If you can you can go for Manual option too. If you have to choose a Manual option then click on Red Circle button to start recording your calls.

Step 5:- Then while calling i.e. incoming calls and outgoing call on your iPhone will be recorded and those recorded files will be saved on your Mac Library. That’s it! get your cinema box for pc laptop.

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Last Words

Phone Relay feature allows the users to record as many calls they can on iPhone or Apple gadgets. Hope you guys have done it without facing any issues. If you have any doubts and errors then share it with us in comments below.  Please do share your thoughts about this “Phone Relay” features in the comment below. And don’t forget to share and like our tech guides 😀 Cheers 😉

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