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How To Reset The HomePod Settings


In Our Last Post, we wrote a detailed Review of Apple HomePod. As you know, HomePod allows you to interact with only one Apple ID. If you want to use the device with another account or sell it, you will need to reset the HomePod settings. How it’s done?

To date, there are two ways:

Using the “Home” application

This requires that your iOS device and HomePod are connected to the same Apple ID account. Directly the instruction itself:

  1. Launch the Home application
  2. Find your HomePod in the list of accessories.
  3. Keep your finger on the icon until the “Details” option appears.
  4. In this menu, you will find all the information about the HomePod. Find the “Delete Accessory” option and confirm the deletion.

Reset HomePod Settings

All is ready! HomePod will reset the settings and automatically reboot. It takes a couple of minutes, right after that it will be possible to reconfigure the device.

In addition, the reset can be done directly through the column itself. This is done if you do not have access to the device with the same account with which HomePod is configured.

HomePod Settings

  1. Press and hold the top of the HomePod, where Siri is located.
  2. Without releasing the button, wait until the button’s color turns red. Siri will notify you that HomePod will now reset the settings.
  3. Hold your finger, wait for three beeps, then you can release the button.
  4. We wait for a couple of minutes until the reset process is completed.

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