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Why SEO and SMM is Very Important for Every Business


There are a few important acronyms for a business owner and two of these are – SEO and SMM. Here are the reasons why these letters are vital.


SEO & Why it is Important

SEO or search engine optimization is fuel for your website. SEO is the activity that you undertake in order to ensure your website ranks at the top of search engine results. These activities will encompass:

  • Creating great content.
  • Using intelligent keyword strategies.
  • Great social media presence.
  • Paying attention to meta descriptions, title tags and so on.

The importance of SEO lies in many aspects.

That’s where the customers are

Search engines are where your customers – especially the potential ones – are. Different studies point to the fact that 80 to 90% of customers will check for information online before making their purchase decisions. Your website has to pop up when they are searching for information is it not? If you do not have organic SEO playing its part in the business promotion, then you lose out, big time.

Local searches

More and more people are using their mobile phones to search for information and they react faster when the search engine yields local results. So a business has to make its local presence felt. A customer is likely to walk into your branch if it is within reach is it not? So your SEO activities should guide a customer on this path – literally and figuratively.

Regardless of the changes in search engine algorithms and experts questioning the efficacy of SEO tactics, you should remember that it is never going to go away! You have to cater for SEO in order to get your brand out there and your website giving you healthy ROI.

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SMM & Why it is Important

SMM or social media marketing is the in thing these days. SMM is all using various social media platforms to promote your business. It allows a business to:


  • Track competition.
  • Control brand perception.
  • Engage with customers at large.
  • Build a solid online reputation.

Why is it critical?

Create buzz

In the rather crowded and even ephemeral world of online space, SMM can be used very effectively to create solid buzz and then to sustain that buzz as well. A robust strategy will help a brand get known even to people who don’t know anything about it. Now think of the exponential increase in conversion when this happens!

Improves customer engagement and service

SMM also keeps you on your toes as far as customer service and engagement go. You cannot ignore a negative feedback left by a customer. You also have to be in conversation mode when it comes to social media. And when you have solid response time and reputation for being open, fair and well, responsive, on social media, then you will find more and more people talking about you and your brand. In fact, existing customers will become brand ambassadors and that’s worth its weight in gold.

The cost-effectiveness of SMM and the almost-immediate benefits on bottom-line is the reason why this kind of marketing has to be inbuilt into business strategy.

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