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[Top #10] Amazing WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2018


WhatsApp and other messaging apps are so trending since last year. As WhatsApp dominates more, many developers try to fight it! So the number increases and most of the people only go for the best messaging app. WhatsApp messenger is one of the most widely used smartphone messengers with over 100,000,000+ downloads on Google Play Store. You use it every day and most of you are also addicted to it. You might also be curious to know what your crush is talking to someone or your girlfriend is cheating on you or you want to know what your son is up to! Then you should check out these Whatsapp tips and tricks added below!

Thousands of people join WhatsApp daily and if you are still not on WhatsApp just because you don’t have a smartphone. You must have used any Chat Messenger before like Telegram and Hike. But WhatsApp is completely different from all those messengers and you will get a new fresh look and interface and you will be able to do everything that a Chat Messenger can do. These Whatsapp tricks are just incredible and the may even prank your friends circle :3

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

As said above, in this post we’re going to discuss some latest Whatsapp tips and tricks 2015. Wanna to check the list of WhatsApp trick 2018? Then you are in right place to make a move forward. Here we go,

Trick #1:- Use 2 Whatsapp Account In A Single Phone

  • First, you need to Download the Modded version of WhatsApp.
  • Take a full backup of your Whatsapp messages and it’s very easy to do. Just follow the screenshot.

Once it is done, Clear the WhatsApp data from “Settings” on your android phone.

Now move to the folder SD card/WhatsApp using file manager and rename the folder as SD card/OGWhatsApp.

  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your Android device.
  • Install the latest “OGwhatsapp” which you have downloaded in the first step.
  • When you open the OGWhatsapp it would ask you to confirm your phone number. Here you need to verify the old number which was previously verified on the official WhatsApp.

That’s it, Now go to the Google play store and download the official version of WhatsApp. When it asks to verify the number you can just verify the new number in it and you are ready to use two numbers now in your WhatsApp without any conflicts.

Note:- For this above Whatsapp trick, you don’t need to root your device 😀

Trick #2:- Use WhatsApp without Any Mobile Number

  • If you have installed the Whatsapp on your device just Uninstall Whatsapp from your mobile.
  • Then Go to Play Store and download Whatsapp and install it again on your device.
  • While installing activate Flight Mode, in short, disable messaging services.
  • Then run Whatsapp and add your mobile number and try to send a message. It won’t and Whatsapp prompt you another method to verify your mobile number (Whatsapp Account).
  • Now just tap “Check Through SMS” and add your mail id.
  • Then click the send button and click Cancel button instantly. This will cancel the authorization process. If you’re failed here, then try it again from first 🙁
  • We have finished half the process. Continue this tweak by Installing Spoof Messages (Android) on your mobile. For iPhone users install Fake A Message.
  • Then check the outbox and copy the message info spoof app and send it spoofed verification which is nothing but a false verification.
  • Now use given info in Spoofed Message To:- +447900347295 from +(country code) (mobile number) and Message: Your Email ID.
  • Then your message will be sent to the spoofed number and then you can connect with your friends. That’s it! 😀

Trick #3:-  How to Spy on WhatsApp Secretly

It’s very easy to view others Whatsapp chats on devices without using Whatsapp sniffer. Here are simple steps:

For Android

  • Go to the WhatsApp folder in the Memory or SD card.
  • Open the Databases folder.
  • You will find two files namely “msgstore.db.crypt” and “msgstore-*date*-db-crypt”.

For iPhone

  • Go to com.whatsapp and open Databases folder.
  • You will find files namely “msgstore.db” and “wa.db”.
  1. Copy these files from the phone and store them.
  2. Here is a tool to display WhatsApp chats on your computer.
  3. Use the WhatsApp Xtract by ztedd to extract the encrypted files. (Learn more)
  4. Download it here!
  5. Use the two files which you took previously. The extractor decrypts the files and you can see the conversations. That’s it, guys 😉

Trick #4:- Sharing ZIP, PDF, APK, EXE, RAR Files Via WhatsApp

  • Install Dropbox and CloudSend App.
  • Now open CloudSend and link with CloudSend Dropbox, Allow.
  • Then share/upload the file CloudSend which you like to share with your friends via WhatsApp. Once the file uploaded to your DropBox cloud server and copy that link and share it with your friends. That’s it!

Trick #5:- Lock Trick for WhatsApp Account

  • Download Whatsapp Lock.
  • Then Install Whatsapp on your mobile and Set a Password to secure your Whatsapp Account from everyone including your hater 😛

Trick #6:- Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On Android

SwitchMe app allows users to use/add more than one WhatsApp account and storage in the same device.

  • Download and Install SwitchMe app.
  • Then add one or more accounts using the SwitchMe app.
  • See How

Trick #7:- Sharing File of Size 16 MB+ in WhatsApp

Video Converter Android is an Ideal app for compressing the size of the video. So., after decreasing the size of the video which you can send it without any further problems. This is how we share the video of larger size in WhatsApp with very ease.

Video Converter Android is an excellent app that allows you to send videos of dimension higher than 16 MB in WhatsApp. It’s on hand within the Google Play store at no cost. It is a highly featured app and helps the person in various ways.

Trick #8:- Migrate Whatsapp Messages from 1 Phone to Another

  • Before installing Whatsapp on the First phone, go to File Manager >> Whatsapp Folder.
  • Then Click on Database on the Second phone and Save to your PC.
  • Then install Whatsapp on the First phone.
  • Then Copy the Database from PC to the First phone.

Trick #9:- Hide Last Seen in Whatsapp

  • Open your Whatsapp Messenger.
  • Then navigate to Settings and click on Account.
  • The tap the Privacy and click on “Last Seen“.
  • Now just make a change to it and leave it by saving.
  • That’s it! Done 😀

Trick $10:- Get Voice Notification for WhatsApp Activities

  • First, download & install Voice Notification app.
  • Then install Text to Speech app.
  • Now Open the Voice Notification.
  • Go to Settings >> Accessibility and Convert accessibility values for this application.
  • Again open up the app, you will have options to read notifications with Gmail WhatsApp, Viber and Spotbros App. Choose any one and enjoy 😀
  • That’s it!

  Caution:- Before trying these tricks make a good backup for your devices. Try it at your own risk! If your device got damaged by trying these tricks then TechiWorm Team will not be responsible for those issues 😀 

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