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Top 5 Android Cellphone Tracking Apps


Your Android phone does almost everything for you. It is the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning, the good friend that keeps you entertained the whole day, and the lullaby that puts you to sleep at night. On top of that, your cell phone holds a lot of information about you – no one wants a total stranger to come across his/her social media accounts, the personal pictures, and the autosaved passwords on the browser. Sadly, no matter how careful you are, the chances of losing your cell phone are quite high because you take it everywhere with you.

With the analog signal days gone, it is possible to track your stolen or lost Android phone using the best Android cell phone tracking apps within seconds. The software regularly monitors the activity of your cell phone by delivering its location and user activity logs to a personal online account. This information is accessible only to you and can be retrieved any time on request no matter where you are. There are many websites like, etc., where you can read articles about cell phone tracking and other related information. To save you the trouble of trying out every app out there, the top 5 Android cell phone trackers are given below:


A rating of 4.5 and above in the Google Play store indicates that an app is actually delivering results.

This app uses GPS to track down your missing mobile phone. Although the pro package has more to offer, you can accomplish much with the free one. All you have to do is issue a command to your missing phone via text ordering it to:

  • Take a camera shot of the person using it
  • Ring
  • Lockdown
  • Clear up everything on the phone
  • Submit GPS.


This is a good app that delivers a lot. You can remotely achieve the following on your lost mobile phone:

  • Read the sent and received messages
  • Activate a flickering alarm
  • Wipe off the secondary storage
  • Sidetrack phone calls to a number of your choice
  • Send pop-up messages
  • Request the call list
  • Take a camera shot of the user


Avast products are renowned for their efficiency and proficiency. The Avast Anti-theft app enables you to:

  • Track your phone using GPS and other triangulation methods
  • Control it using their web interface or SMS
  • Lock and clear everything in the memory
  • Listen to the audio of its surroundings while taking photos
  • Stealth mode feature: the app icon is hidden( thief will not be aware that the app is installed)


Most Android phones come with a preinstalled version of this handy app. You can track your lost Android phone using the app’s web interface. All you have to do is link the app to your Gmail account. The app enables you to remotely:

  • Lock the device
  • Wipe off the device’s memory
  • Set off an alarm

AVG antivirus

This popular app not only protects your Android phone from theft, but it also protects your personal data and keeps it safe with the app lock feature. The app allows you to do the following:

  • Hide sensitive photos in an inaccessible vault
  • Track your phone via Google maps

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