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Top 7 Android Apps to Earn Money on your Mobiles 2018


Most of the users are spending more money on apps for Android Platform. But they are not aware that they can earn real money from those apps by using their Android Mobiles. I’m not kidding, you can make real money from Android Apps by doing some simple tasks. Always the mobile developers will get more profit from an app, now just change the profit rain towards you! But all the apps are not giving real money. Some apps only give reals cash among them you can find many fake apps too! So be careful about it and don’t waste time on it by using those apps. If you’re interested in earning money with Android Apps to Earn Money then you should check our these android apps which allows you to make real money and with some rewards. I have more than 7 best apps which let you make real cash.

Android Apps to Earn Money

Nowadays most of the peoples are using Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites and they are wasting whole time without gaining anything from it. So for wasting time like this, we can do some easy tasks and we can watch trailers that can let you make money for. It will be our time pass and we can get some profit from it. So for that, you need to know the apps which allow these things. Are you really interested in making money from Android Apps? Wanna to earn money through your Smartphones?

Then this article will give all the required answers to the above questions! I’ve listed some best Android Apps below which allows the users to make money through it without any investment. And one more thing, the person who has active internet connection on their mobile can benefit all these things. Let’s check it out them…,

Android Apps To Earn Money / Rewards

#1 Earn Money

Earn Money is the best option to earn money from the android mobiles. Here for earning you need to finish some easy tasks, for downloading free Apps, for downloading Paid Apps and for registering an account in websites. Here you can earn money for completing simple surveys and there are many other ways to earn money from this app. So give a try and share your experiences in comments below.

Download Earn Money from Google Play Store

#2 Eureka

Eureka is the another best apps to earn money from it. It pays you rewards for watching ads and for completing simple tasks. The payment will be done monthly by recharging your mobile phones. All you need is, just install this app on your mobile and watch their ads it will unlock your mobile and enjoy earning. You can download this app from the Google Play store for free.

Download Eureka from Google Play Store

#3 App Trailers

As the name implies, this app will allow you to earn money by watching trailers. The trailers include the apps & movies trailers or intro. By watching trailers you can make real money for free without making any investments. And you be paid through Paypal or rewards offered will be done via Amazon Gift Codes. Here you can find various trailers from big developers like Marvel, Dena, Supercell, Glu Mobile, Kabaam, Rovio, EA, King and more.
Check out the below video for more details about App trailers,

Download App Trailers from Google Play Store

#4 Paisa Swipe Beta

Paisa Swipe Beta is an awesome app which lets the users earn more than 3000 INR Per year just by unlocking their mobile lock screen. Hope this will be the easiest method to earn money online that too from mobile phones. But for this, you need to connect your mobile phone with active internet connection. You can get awesome free prizes too for chosen lucky users. There are also extra bonus rewards which can increase you’re earning to 1000 times higher. Don’t wait! Download this app and enjoy 🙂

Download Paisa Swipe Beta from Google Play Store

#5 MintCoins

As like Earn Money, this app also allows the users to earn money for the download and for completing surveys without making any investments. Mint coins make the users easy to earn and they offer bonus prizes. Here you can earn money for Download free and paid apps, complete surveys, to register an account in websites, for visiting web pages and more.

Download MintCoins from Google Play Store

#6 EarnLock

Earnlock works just like Paisa Swipe app which allows you to earn money for unlocking your mobile screen. Which results in real cash. You can redeem your money via mobile recharge. For that, you need to turn on your data connections while unlocking your phone.

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Download EarnLock from Google Play Store

#7 JunoWallet

JunoWallet is also just like other apps for earning money. You can earn money for watching Videos, ads for playing games, completing surveys, for making calls and for more. Just check out and start earning today.

Download JunoWallet from Google Play store

Final Words

Hope you will like this article on Earning method via Android Apps. If you like this article then kindly do some likes and share it with your friends. And don’t forget to share which app you like the most? Happy earning 🙂

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