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How To Use Your iPhone As Security Camera


Developers of the application Manything offered users an alternative use of the iPhone as Security camera. You do not have to do much, just install the application on the device and create a new account. The smartphone left in the room after these actions can serve as a camera: thanks to Manything, the device will record everything that gets into the lens, and video recording will be sent to the remote server. Thanks to the latest action, you can view the recording from any other device, for example, from your laptop. Viewing such video surveillance can be carried out and online.

Thus, any mobile device running iOS 6 or later version of the platform can be turned into a hidden camera. The only nuance is that using the application Manything means that the user fully trusts the company’s servers all the videos made with this device.

Not so long ago on the channel, IFTTT has announced a new application, based on the mobile operating system from Apple – Manything. With this application, you can create a real i-gadget from your old i-gadget home video surveillance system. The service enables the user to synchronize Apple devices with each other to establish a surveillance network. One of them can be used as a video camera, and on the other one you can watch a picture transmitted by a signal from the “surveillance camera”.

Old iPhone Can Be Turned Into A Hidden Security camera

Video can be written to the device and stored in the file system or through the “cloud” storage. You can set the video recording on through the motion sensor. And you can just watch what is happening on the other end of the device.

Since Manything supports the IFTTT channel, the program can be used with any compatible service, for example, the Belkin Wemo program. To transform your device from Apple to your home security system, you should act according to the following algorithm.

To get started, you need to download the Manything program to your iOS device. After that, start the service, register. It is worth noting that the entrance can be done without registration, through an account in the social network Facebook or through an email address. After these manipulations, you should choose which device will act as a video camera. On it, you need to select the item ” Record video from this device” in the open application.Iphone as Security Camera

On the other device, which will be used to view the image from the camera, you need to make a choice in favor of ” Show my cameras ” for the possibility of remote viewing of what is happening on the site of video surveillance. In addition, the receiving station will receive all kinds of notifications and warnings to the specified email address. This is very practical – the application can be used both as a “monitor” in real time mode and to view recorded video from the surveillance camera.

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Turn your old iPhone as Security camera for free

After completing these steps, you can focus on the basic features of the Mything program. And you can run IFTTT in order to link it with Belkin WeMo.

Here you will need to configure the operation, which will be performed under the condition “If my device captures traffic, it will be necessary to turn on / off WeMo”. Choose the program “Manything” as “if” and “Belkin WeMo” as “then” This operation will mean the beginning of the recording for the camera when the sensor detects motion. When recording stops, recording stops.Iphone Security Camera

After all these simple manipulations, you will have an entire system of home video surveillance, with the ability to turn on the motion sensor. And all this is available absolutely free of charge (in case you have 2 suitable gadgets available from Apple).

You can test the application for free: for the first 12 hours of video recording, you will not be required to pay. With further use of the service, users will have to pay for disk space on servers. Recorded with the help of iPhone and Manything videos are stored on the server for one month.

Optional monthly subscriptions for Iphone Security Camera:

  • 1 camera, 2 days cloud recording = $3.99
  • 1 camera, 30 days cloud recording = $7.99
  • 2 cameras, 2 days cloud recording = $6.99
  • 2 cameras, 30 days cloud recording = $12.99
  • 5 cameras, 2 days cloud recording = $12.99
  • 5 cameras, 30 days cloud recording = $25.99


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