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What is Apple Pay? How to Get Free Apple Pay Stickers?


Apple Pay is a mobile payment service just like other wallet services. But in Apple Pay it allows particular Apple mobiles to pay at a retail shop or to check out online. Here the Apple Pay will alter how much you make a purchase and it will do the payment innovation and distinct security functions powered by this gadget. Anyhow you can utilize your iPhone, Apple Air, Apple Watch, iPad or other Apple products in secure and personal banking method. Very simple, basic and more effective!

So how to Pay with Apple iPhone 6, Apple Watch? In this post, we are going to discuss paying money with iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. And you can pay easily by using Apps too! And here we’re going to see about How to Grab Free Apple Pay Glass Stickers? Wanna to check it out? Here we go.

How to Pay with Apple iPhone 6?

Paying with iPhone 6 gadget is really an awesome thing! One touch to pay with Touch ID is cool 😀 So in order to pay the money to your local retail shops, just hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. If you do so you will be notified with a vibration and beep sound. That’s it!

How to Pay with Apple Watch?

As you did with iPhone here also it very simple to pay money using Apple watch! Here you will just double click the side button and hold the face of your Apple Watch. And this should be done nearer to the contactless reader. So in order to verify your payment, a tone and pulse will be sent out, if your payment was done successfully!

How to Pay with Apps on Apple Products?

This method can be followed to do payment on iPhone X, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3. This is an Hassle-free checkout 😀 You can make this method more useful to pay with a single touch. Yeah, you can pay using Apps with one click. This Apple Pay app are really superb and it is very basic to do payment. And if you position your finger on Touch ID then then payment will be done to the required retail shop keeper. Simple isn’t?

Why do We recommend you to Use Apple Pay?

#1 Apple Pay gives you a Secured payment.

#2 And every time you use Apple Pay a new Account Number is generated and firmly kept in Secure Element. That number will be stored on Apple servers. So your payment is again safe!

#3 Your credit or debit card details will not be shared with anyone, even with merchants too!

#4 You can shop privately too! Apple Pay does not keep the transaction of your purchase so you can’t be tied back again.

#5 Every payment will be done by Apple Pay decals or Stickers in a secure manner.

#6 Privacy Assists guarantee your details and it is more secure and belongs where it needs to be. So in overall Apple Pay gives you more secure payment on your shopping!

So till now we’ve seen and discussed Apple Pay. Now as a bonus, I’ve added a cool way to Grab Free Apple Pay Glass Stickers 😀 You wanna those stickers for your iPhone? Then follow the simple tutorial added below and hurry up :3

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How to Get Free Apple Pay Glass Stickers?

By following the below method you can get up to 3 stickers or Apple Pay decals with free shipping to your home. Let’s get started,

Step 1: Head to Apple Pay Supplies website [Link].

Step 2: Then choose the quantity and go ahead.

Step 3: Now just enter your shipping details and enjoy!

As final this post ends with another informative thing and we’ve discussed How to pay with Apple Pay and the Method to Pay using iPhone, Apple Watch and using Apple Pay Apps. And along with this, you should have enjoyed this post with freebie Apple Pay Sticker. Hope you grabbed your free decals and enjoying!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below! See you soon with another cool post! Till then, Have some fun! Cheers 😀

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